Its here.Teamboard by Engage Process – Trello beater!

Autumn Software Release I am so excited to be able to say the Autumn release is here and with it comes not only some great enhancements from Engage Process ideas and user wishes but fantastically the release of teamboard something i have been waiting for for ages. Apologies i did make an error

Blue Badges In Wales (and the rest of the UK) – Through a Wardley Maps Lens

This blog follows on from my earlier Minimum Viable Blog on the Welsh Government Report and Recommendations on the approach and postcode lottery for Blue Badge Applications in Wales (actually everywhere in the UK except Northern Ireland). The idea here is to contrast the earlier blog with this one using Wardley Mapping to explain

Minimum Viable Blog – Blue Badges In Wales

Blue Badge Workshops – In partnership with WLGA First an apology, this blog should have been delivered in a timelier way and also it should have been more comprehensive. But as both of my sessions were cut massively short by overruns, I can put that up as mitigation. Don’t worry it is normally me that

Stop wasting resources on process mapping and improvement

Part 1 – Don’t map and improve parts of the end to end process This is a very strange blog to write for someone who always recommends organisations map and understand their processes and look to improve them prior to looking for any technology and other solutions. Here we are asking you to

European Business Analysis Conference 2019 – Free Ticket Competition and Discount

Come and see us at the Conference in September Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019 – Do You Need to Justify Your Attendance Benefits of Attending: The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019 will provide an unparalleled networking opportunity for business analysts from across Europe and beyond. Whether you are just starting your BA journey, you

Process Improvement – Its all about the benefits

How about if you could easily see the benefits of your process improvement work? Would that help your organisation make better changes? Well it can be done and it can be done easier, faster and cheaper than by using your current process mapping approach. If I had a pound for every time an

#BureacracyHack – Hacking the recruitment (Sales) process

Recruitment is a sales process As is always the case I find OneTeamGov events restorative and good for the soul. You meet great people, you learn, you get inspired and the energy in the room is fantastic. The #BureaucracyHack was totally up to standard. There were 4 pre agreed topics prepared and space

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