The ENGAGE™ Process Modeler

The ENGAGE™ Process Modeler is the core of the process suite. With just the core module, you can work faster and better to create lean processes

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The ENGAGE™ Process Modeler

The ENGAGE™ Process Modeler offers the core of the suite and includes mapping, modelling, analysing and process simulation.

This application provides a powerful environment for process modelling and design. The key features include: Design, workshop modes, evaluation and Lean functions.

Replace Post It® notes and paper workshops with live process mapping

It enables you to map your processes in a workshop friendly tool, share your processes immediately after the workshop with stakeholders and encourage greater participation. Do more for less with this Business Analyst friendly tool.

Please Note – The modeler does not offer any collaboration, sharing, digital process handbook or other enterprise features

Add a value chain to your process steps and enrich maps with inputs and outputs to your steps.

Analyse your processes through multiple perspectives from a single map. Easily highlight areas of concern and opportunities for improvement in the process viewer. Take the process on another level and simulate the effect of the resources on your process delivery.
The ENGAGE™ Process Modeler uses user friendly business focused icons to help with engagement and aid understanding.

Easily export your maps and analysis to multiple formats (Word, PDF, Visio, Excel to name but a few) and compare you’re ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ process costs and timescales.

All this functionality and much more is available in the basic ENGAGE™ Process Modeler you will never go back to Visio or to paper after using this excellent mapping tool.

Need to deliver significant business improvements and efficiency?

Then this is the tool for you. Considering integrating or implementing a new system then get the real process data and understanding to inform your choices.

This is the most user friendly mapping tool on the market

Never draw a line, never move boxes around to insert a forgotten step, no need to redraw a map to look a role or system swim lane just click a button to look at a new perspective. Need to add additional attributes to steps (such as location or phase) then just add a table and add to your process maps.

Don’t waste time writing up workshops, use those workshops more effectively to focus on the processes and to add break time, costs and processing time to your steps.

With the ENGAGE™ Process Modeler you will also get this additional supporting module

Brainstorm App

The Brainstorm App synchronises with the ENGAGE™ Process Modeler, allowing you to quickly add additional queries and notes to your process.

This ‘quick-fire’ method can be accessed at any time on Android, Apple or Windows phone platforms.

Simply download the app to your phone, sign-in and start brainstorming. The output from your brainstorm mobile app will be accessible instantly within the ENGAGE™ Process Modeler.

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With a Modeler Team subscription you will also get this additional supporting module

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User Manager & Authorisation

You’ll also be able to assign and manage users and their authorisation levels for all modules, keeping you in control.

Enable granular control over user access to process maps and what they can do with them.

Satisfy audit requirements by keeping your processes as secure or open as is required within your organisation.

Get the ENGAGE™ Process Modeler and find the control of your processes at your fingertips.


£696 Per year
  • 1 Named User
  • Above concurrent
  • No
  • No
  • Brainstorm App
  • Support mails
  • Support calls*

Modeler Team

£1068Per year
  • 5 Named Users
  • 1 of the above concurrent
  • User Manager
  • Autorisation
  • Brainstorm App
  • Support mails
  • Support calls*
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*Telephone support for a maximum of 1 hour per user per year is included in all subscriptions

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