Our Continuous Improvement Consultancy Services

Delivering Continuous Improvement should not be hard. We have more than just the best process mapping software and visio alternative. We can also help you deliver improvement and change easier, better and faster. Whether you want continuous improvement coaching, Playing Lean workshops to learn Lean Start Up or Lego Serious Play workshops to help solve some of the difficult strategic issues we can help. We aim to bring value add services for your organisations.

We will continuously seek out new improvement services to help our customers Make Improvement Easier For You.

Playing Lean

Playing Lean is an educational board game which facilitates learning of the Lean Start-up principles through gamified experience. First described in the best-selling book by Eric Ries.

Learn Lean Start Up

You get to experience the effect which Lean Startup can have on your business in a fun and competitive way. You get to play a game, have a lot of fun and still call it work!

Lego Serious Play

Traditional meetings do not create the environment for solving complex challenges for your organisations and teams.How do we get 100%* of the participants to engage 100%* of the time? Try Lego Serious Play it really works

Create 100% Engagement

Often 20% of the people contribute 80% of the content leaving 80% of the attendees creating very little. How do we tackle our complex systems and challenges and involve 100% of the participants knowledge and creativity? How about LSP sessions?

Continuous Improvement Consultancy

As part of any improvement projects an important element is to build your organisations capacity and capability to deliver. Let us help you learn.

Making Improvement Easier

With 20 years experience in business improvement, process improvement, quality improvement and transformation our consultants can help you optimize your delivery programme and really accelerate transformational change.

Continuous Improvement Tools

There are better ways to capture and improve your processes. You can do it easier, faster and better. Help embed Continuous Improvement in your organisation.

The Best Continuous Improvement Platform

Map live in workshops. Create models not just pictures to understand the costs and benefits of change. Collaborate on processes all in a single platform. Save time for your analysts and get better results.

Continuous Improvement Services

Increasing digital skills in your organisations is a critical success factor for modern service improvement and digital delivery.
We are Lean and Agile offer a number of Lean and Lean StartUp games to help share knowledge in a fun and effective way.

Why Choose Us

At the heart of our offering is our belief that the right way to deliver change is with your own people.
We do not want to do consulting for you we aim to train and develop your people to deliver sustainable ongoing change in your organisations.
We believe in coaching your staff and growing that organisational capability.

What Client’s Say

It was great that so many of our employees were able to contribute to the “AS IS” and to the “TO BE” process. All were fully engaged and I was delighted that you had captured the 280 ideas of business improvement articulated by them. That was exceptionally powerful and clearly, they bought into the workshops delivered by you, because you fully encompassed their view, took on their challenge and engaged with their questions.

Importantly, the sessions were enjoyable. Too often sessions like these are boring and dull, yours were neither.

Since first engagement with Andy at We Are Lean and Agile we have been offered a high level of advice, support and industry expertise.
We are Lean and Agile are easy to contact, easy to deal with and pro -active at offering a range of support either by e-mail, phone or on site. Further to this they are trying hard to increase the collaboration opportunities by arranging networking events with other public sector bodies to exchange knowledge and expertise whilst allowing us to create new networks of professional contracts.
We have already recommended the tools and approach to many of our peers across the Public Sector as it’s highly effective, great value for money and in Andy Sandford we have a partner who is really committed to ensuring we get the best from the tool and the network of other clients using it. I think people would be excited to know there are alternatives to the traditional process improvement approaches.
Having support from We are Lean and Agile and Andy Sandford has focussed on helping us through our continuous improvement journey and on growing our internal capability to deliver this improvement work with a small improvement team.
Playing Lean
Lego Serious Play
CI Coaching

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