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ENGAGE™ is a mature software product having been enhanced and developed in Holland for over 8 years now. Last year ENGAGE™ experienced 40% growth in Holland and exceeded that in the UK. Our consulting, private and public sector customers have contributed great ideas for enhancements over that period meaning the functions and features of this product deliver everything you need to improve your business processes. The tools are easy to use but also offer a huge depth of functionality for the expert business analysts or improvement officers.
If you are trying to do or doing any of the following, we are confident this product will not only help get better outcomes but also save you money by:

Idea Lightbulb

Try before you buy you won’t be disappointed

We are so confident of the product we offer a range of free trial options to suit your needs or evaluation licences for proof of concept projects.

1 hour webinar free of charge and  1 license modeler trial free – for 1 month

As part of these trials our ENGAGE™ certified trainers will provide a 1 hour webinar free of charge to help get you going with your trial. Contact us providing further details of your requirements for a 1 licence suite trial free for 1 month.

3-month evaluation license

We also offer a shortened paid 3-month evaluation licence for any of our products please note in order to take this option you must also take the 1 day training package to ensure you take full advantage of the product.

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