Guest Blog – An opportunity for innovation in payroll delivery

We often meet innovative new suppliers at events and discuss how to get adoption within Local Government. PayDashboard is one of these companies and we were discussing Local Government and adoption of technology and i mentioned the hardest thing is to get the first early adopter. Even if like us and them you have many users in other sectors and countries getting adoption in Local Government is hard. We came up with an idea. They offer a greatly reduced cost for an early adopter to our customers and we distribute the offer. If you are looking at any payslip improvement projects please read on.

Is your payslip process creating inefficiencies or problems? Do you often have employees get in contact with HR or payroll because they can’t access their payslips, don’t understand them and are confused about changes in pay?

Lots of local councils are having these issues, because their current solutions are tired, inefficient and not user friendly. Many councils have made moves to self-service portals or rely on their HR systems which weren’t built for payslip delivery. The move to epayslips is a step on your digital journey, but these online PDF portals will soon become outdated and once again require change.

The provision of a payslip to an employee may be a compliance requirement, but this does not mean that it should be considered as simply an output of payroll – a tick in the box each month along with auto-enrolment and RTI submissions. Treating the delivery of a payslip as a point of engagement with the employee, rather than an output of payroll, is the key to improving efficiencies and reducing the queries to HR teams each pay day.

PayDashboard has created a solution to these issues and many other issues impacting payroll. An online payslip system that can be accessed anywhere with ease, with no requirement to log in to company intranet systems, VPN networks or HR software. A system that educates employees about how they are being paid and empowers them to solve their own questions about their pay and taxes. A system that highlights changes in their pay and creates visual graphs to help see those changes – promoting understanding and catering for visual learnings. This is particularly beneficial for people who often work overtime, are on hourly rates or receive commissions.

PayDashboard integrates seamlessly with your current payroll software, resulting in an easier change management process than if you had to change the underlying payroll software. And in the event of a change in back office systems, PayDashboard remains a constant front-end interface for your employees, minimising any disruption to employees receiving their payslips.

Lifeways Group, who provide care support services managed ~£100k in cost savings from implementing PayDashboard and time efficiencies of 3 days per month for the payroll manager, with a marked reduction in payslip queries to their HR Support Centre.

Could your business benefit from that cost and time saving? We are looking for a council to champion PayDashboard to help gain traction within the public sector and want to work with a council facing these issues to help alleviate them. Implementing at a minimal cost as an early adopter in this sector.

I’ve added a link to their G-cloud listing so you have all the information here

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