Autumn Software Release

I am so excited to be able to say the Autumn release is here and with it comes not only some great enhancements from Engage Process ideas and user wishes but fantastically the release of teamboard something i have been waiting for for ages. Apologies i did make an error in the video the pink indicators are not feedback they are description indicators.

This video is raw i recorded it with no training as my first look at using the functionality. You can use this and anyone on Gold or above can access for nothing. If you are on Enterprise have a good look the functionality and benefits you can get are massive as an enterprise unlimited Kanban functionality. It is better than Trello in so many ways and its just the beta release.

My shortest blog ever i believe.

You will have been sent a full copy of the release notes check that out for more details.

If you are reading this and not a user have a look at our full on demand demo here or our blog with a shorter demo video and get in touch for a free trial.

Enjoy Teamboard and get in touch if you need some help