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A simple, affordable way to work smarter

As a Business Analyst, ICT Manager or Change manager, you know the importance of business process mapping. But you also know that it can take ages to create a solid BPM, especially when you need input from several team members and stakeholders. What if we told you there is a simple, affordable way to work smarter, not harder and improve your results?

Help embed Continuous Improvement in your organisation

Are you convinced yet that our continuous improvement software can help?

What do our customers say?

It was great that so many of our employees were able to contribute to the “AS IS” and to the “TO BE” process. All were fully engaged and I was delighted that you had captured the 280 ideas of business improvement articulated by them. That was exceptionally powerful and clearly, they bought into the workshops delivered by you, because you fully encompassed their view, took on their challenge and engaged with their questions.

Importantly, the sessions were enjoyable. Too often sessions like these are boring and dull, yours were neither.

Since first engagement with Andy at We Are Lean and Agile we have been offered a high level of advice, support and industry expertise.
We are Lean and Agile are easy to contact, easy to deal with and pro -active at offering a range of support either by e-mail, phone or on site. Further to this they are trying hard to increase the collaboration opportunities by arranging networking events with other public sector bodies to exchange knowledge and expertise whilst allowing us to create new networks of professional contracts.
We have already recommended the tools and approach to many of our peers across the Public Sector as it’s highly effective, great value for money and in Andy Sandford we have a partner who is really committed to ensuring we get the best from the tool and the network of other clients using it. I think people would be excited to know there are alternatives to the traditional process improvement approaches.
Having support from We are Lean and Agile and Andy Sandford has focussed on helping us through our continuous improvement journey and on growing our internal capability to deliver this improvement work with a small improvement team.

Say goodbye to obsolete software.
Say hello to ENGAGE™, the one tool you need to map, model and save!

  • You can forget all about flipcharts and Post-it® notes. With ENGAGE™ you can build process maps live in the workshops you organise

  • Get the full input of your team and never worry about missing data or documents again

  • Communication with your stakeholders becomes a breeze. You no longer have to wait for them to schedule a meeting with you, or find the time to email you back

  • You can share your process maps with your entire team and get instant feedback within the software itself – no more time-consuming emails

  • Our powerful analysis tool helps you improve your processes, reduce waste and boost ROI at the same time

  • All your business models come with integrated costs and benefits

  • You can easily build better business cases and suggest improvements faster

So what are the key benefits of using ENGAGE™?

Continuous Improvement Culture In Your Organisation Can Be Truly Transformational

Don’t take our word for it! Take a look at what the clients who use ENGAGE™ on a daily basis have to say:

It was hugely beneficial to plot the AS IS process, this allowed all to discover what wasn’t exactly right, correct or proper with the current state of play. By your design I suppose, I understood the business perhaps better than I had in the four years I have been here. I began to put the pieces together of why we needed to change and look at pretty much all our processes, differently. It reaffirmed our company’s decision to draft you in. It was absolutely the right thing to do.

Livewire Warrington and Culture Warrington

The analysis of as-is and to-be process maps in the software helped identify where we had waste in our processes, excessive hand-offs and the overall cost of delivering a service as well much more. It has given us more insight, data and knowledge of our processes and consequently how we can improve them for customers. The product provides a one stop shop for process mapping, analysis and improvement with lean principles.

Bracknell Forest Council

During his time at Plymouth City Council, Andy made a significant contribution in terms of progressing the organisation’s digital strategy and road-map. Working within the Council, Andy was instrumental in building a delivery team from the ground up, providing a corporate capability for translating business requirements into digital transactions for the citizens of Plymouth, integrating the Council’s customer relationship system with line of business systems to create efficient processes.

Delt Shared Services

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