Make Improvement Easier For You

Our Vision – Make Improvement Easier For You

Why should you deal with We are Lean and Agile?
As a company we have always been focused on making improvement easier for you. This is our clear vision statement and we use it to underpin how we make decisions about services we will offer our customers.
There are two key elements:
• Making improvement easier
• For you
‘Making improvement easier’ relates to the types of services we will bring you. Our background is in delivering improvement projects and programmes for the past 20 years. The whole reason we exist is because we came across one of the best pieces of software we’ve ever seen for delivering improvement. That software was Engage Process and very quickly we partnered with them to bring this excellent software to the UK from the Netherlands.

‘For you’ defines how we want to work with our customers. There are a number organisations that will look to come in and deliver work for you and this has its place. As a company we focus on building sustainable ongoing capability in your organisation’s not delivering the work for you.
Our aim is that we leave you with the skills and the tools for you to deliver continuous improvement without needing to come back to us. We believe strongly this is the best way to deliver change and secure buying from your stakeholders. We also believe a continuous improvement culture delivers massive benefits for organisations in the complex world of digital.

We as a company aim to deliver software and services that helps make improvement easier for you. Everything we offer is tested against our vision and you can have confidence and trust that our aim is to help you grow and deliver more value within your organisations.
Over the years we have developed our offer based on user research and user needs. We have developed more services and introduced more coaching to help enable your continuous improvement teams to deliver more out of the software you already have.

We are looking to support collaboration across our customer base. There is a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the continuous improvement teams we work with and a massive opportunity to connect those users to share knowledge and collaborate on projects. We actively support and deliver regional user meet ups and we are looking to introduce for 2020 a new CSI.Monster collaboration platform for our users to share and improve.
We also offer free webinars to our customers to help them get more out of the software and to learn from other users case studies. The aim with our new platform is to connect everyone and enable more sharing and collaboration but also to help gather ideas for further support we can offer to accelerate improvement even more.

Customer Success Strategy

2020 Process Vision – Customer Success Strategy

Our 2020 process vision is part of our customer success strategy. This is where we are aiming to help new and existing customers to help to embed continuous improvement culture in their organisations. Following on from the excellent outcomes achieved at Edinburgh City Council we want to help more of our customers to get more out of the software and to deliver truly transformational outcomes.
We are seeing benefits increase exponentially when continuous improvement is embedded in the entire organisation. Delivering projects and programmes with our software and approach does deliver great outcomes those outcomes are multiplied when the continuous improvement skills are shared across the entire organisation.
As a company we see our role is to help organisations improve their continuous improvement maturity and to deliver better outcomes and transformation. We plan to listen to our users to understand what support they need and we will deliver support to help them achieve their aims.
We believe all organisations can implement a continuous improvement culture in the entire organisation if they wish by the end of 2020. There are a number of elements that we see the will support this but we are also evolving this strategy based on user needs and continuous feedback. We do believe in practising what we preach at We are Lean and Agile.

Our focus this year as it has been for a number of years is to support our customers to deliver that change. We want to help accelerate improvement and help customers learn from each other so that the same problems are not experienced by all. We believe this focus is quite unique that we see as a massive win win situation.
Our priorities we see to deliver to enable that strategy are as follows:
• Continued focus on delivering sustainable continuous improvement capability in organisations
• Accredited Engage Process training and coaching
• The implementation and growth of our CSI.Monster collaboration platform
• Webinars to support knowledge transfer of Engage Process skills
• Webinars to showcase improvement solutions with customer case studies
• Provision of e-learning to support roll out
• More regional user meet ups to promote collaboration and learning
• Provision of more services and software to help Make Improvement Easier For You

So much more will be identified as we progress through 2020 from and other feedback/learning from customers.

If you want to be part of it get in touch and let us set up a demo and a free trial for you to see for yourself.