Yes, the Viewer is available via a browser so available on any device.

The viewer App is available on Windows and Apple App store for use on windows tablets and iPads.

Brainstorm can be downloaded for free on personal mobiles or users can access it on any device via a browser so can be used via desktops, laptops or any other device with a browser.

There is an App available for Windows, Apple and Android phones downloadable from the relevant app store for each device.

Authorisation is the module where you control the granular user permissions to access your projects, processes and brainstorms this helps you control who can access what and what they can do when they can access it.

User Manager is the module where you set up your users for the modeler and viewer plus you can set your security features such as IP restriction or HTTPs only traffic.

Yes, if you contact us we can arrange an increase for a one off event however this would only be for a single event.

We can scale up your environment as required and this can usually be achieved within the working day.

Most small business improvement teams with 2-5 team members take a Gold Suite subscription (2 concurrent users) teams larger than this will be look at a Platinum licence (4 concurrent users) very few users require larger subscriptions than this as the team are not always in workshops building processes.

1 concurrent user means you are licensed to have 1 person logged into Engage Modeler at any time. If a second user tried to access at the same time they would be presented with an error message and would not be able to log in.

No, the support is for the ENGAGE™ process suite only.

No, we are happy to support any customers with our services.

Support mails are email version of support calls.

The number of support calls is unlimited.

In order for us to ensure customers get a good start we insist that customers are trained to take the evaluation 3 month licence to ensure the evaluation has the best chance of success. This licence is offered at the same rate pro-rata as the years’ licence and meant for a short-term evaluation.

3-month evaluation license

We offer a shortened 3-month evaluation license for any of our products please note in order to take this option you must also take the 1 day training package to ensure you take full advantage of the product.

Contact us for more information on evaluation licences

No, you can get a free month’s trial of the modeler for one user per organisation without any training or costs.

Free Month’s Trial

Why not book your free month’s trial of the modeler and see how you get on. We promise you, you won’t want to let it go!

Contact us if you want to book a Free month’s trial

Yes, as it is browser based you just need a compatible browser on your device.

The full suite should be available in HTML5 by the end of 2017

The current version of ENGAGE™ suite depends on Microsoft Silverlight so the browsers currently supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The new HTML5 modeler which is currently available will work on any browser.

No, ENGAGE™ is “browser based” therefore no client instal is required.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure, redundant, stable environments in the world. They comply with a large number of compliance structures. On top of this customers can choose to allow traffic only via HTTPS and to restrict access to PC’s on their network only by IP or IP range.

Further details on security standards can be found at the Microsoft Trust Center
Working in an Internet Cafe

Yes, ENGAGE™ will run on any internet connection it is up to you as an organisation if you wish to secure this further and lock it down to your network only.

Yes the current version of the suite can be run offline for short periods of time however the new HTML5 version will be available only via the internet.

ENGAGE™ is hosted in EU based data centres on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

ENGAGE™ is a cloud hosted SAAS product which means there is no installation required of any software your network.

When a customer stops service

  • they can export all their process maps to Visio, PowerPoint, Word.
  • they can export their files to xpdl files. Many BPM tooling can import such files (but please note that specific ENGAGE™ issues will not be transferred).
  • All data will be kept for 6 months. After six months it will automatically deleted / removed.
    • If a client specifically wishes we can keep the data longer. A small fee will be charged for such service. This could be appropriate if a client uses the tools for a project and have a longer idle period for the project.
    • If a client specifically wishes we can delete the data immediately. This will be done by the technical staff. A fee between € 300 and € 500 will be charged.

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