LEGO® Serious Play
Build your way to better business – a powerful tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance
Tap into the hidden expertise of your organization. Transform insight and awareness into commitment and shared goals built with the Lego Serious Play methods

We are Lean and Agile offer a number of Lean and Lean StartUp games to help share knowledge in a fun and effective way. Lego Serious Play is a fantastic tool for your toolbox

We focus here on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology

Lego Serious Play (LSP) Workshops – A way to unlock creativity, problem solving and engagement

Traditional meetings do not create the environment for solving complex challenges for your organisations and teams. Often 20% of the people contribute 80% of the content leaving 80% of the attendees creating very little. How do we tackle our complex systems and challenges and involve 100% of the participants knowledge and creativity? How about LSP sessions?

Lego Serious Play - Bad Meetings

The History

LSP was born in 1996 when Lego owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen connected with 2 academics Bart Victor and Johan Roos. They wanted a better way to engage people in solving the big complex organisational problems, traditional meetings and workshops were not delivering results. They wanted to unlock everyone’s creativity in sustaining and improving the business in troubling times. LSP was the result.
LSP was effectively ‘released’ in 2002 with a solid training model being in place. LSP has iterated and improved over the years with it now being an open sourced methodology.
LSP is now used in organisations like Lego(it had to be said and would be weird if not!), Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Pfizer and Toyota. It has to be worth a look.

Lego Serious Play

Gamification and the Lean Startup methodology (LSM) have become buzzwords in academic literature, entrepreneurship and business practices worldwide.

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Creating lean in meetings

Picture the last meeting you were in. Sat at a table with colleagues. How engaged were the participants in the meeting based on their body language?
LSP for me has many benefits one of which is creating ‘Lean In’ meetings. How do we get 100%* of the participants to engage 100%* of the time in solving the organisations big hairy audacious problems? In a that meeting you thought about, how many people were leaning forward engaging and contributing to the outcomes? LSP helps you do this.
*not guaranteed, obviously there is the odd participant that doesn’t get on with it.

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What it’s not

It’s not playing. It is focussed work using innovative methods to unlock creativity and engage everyone.
If you need to disseminate information to people then there are better ways to do this. If you need to unlock the creativity of your entire team to solve complex system problems then it is for you.

What can I do with it?

At a high level LSP can be used to address problems in leadership issues, strategy, vision, product development, team development and personal development. If you have a big difficult challenge this is a great way of finding solutions.
I am a total convert to this approach an I am a cynical analytical process geek by trade. This stuff works. They tell you to think with your hands and just start building and it is amazing the creativity it unlocks.

  • Firstly, it engages all attendees in creatively working to understand complex and strategic issues
  • Secondly, it helps when a leader or manager wants to gather the full individual and team brain power to work on complex
    business issues such as developing strategy plans, handling conflicts, forming and developing teams and working with turnaround and restructuring
  • Thirdly,Having participated in the intense, creative and exhilarating process of a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session, participants are more likely to feel ownership of the analysis and decisions made. Having been central to the creation of something – and having
    been listened to – individuals are more inclined to take ownership of the consequent actions.
  • One of the principal advantages of the method is that it is an excellent tool for externalizing participants’
    reflections. The term ‘externalizing’ describes how the thoughts participants share during the process are distanced from the person because they are built as LEGO models

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